Creating and displaying videos

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Using the church computer and projector

Creating PowerPoint presentations for hymns

Projecting videos

  1. Videos for display need to be in .MP4 or .AVI format. With the current projection equipment, 720 pixel or 480 pixel horizontal resolution videos work best.
  2. To display a video outside of an OpenOffice presentation, copy the desired video to the desktop or a folder on the desktop. Double-click on the video’s file name and it will bring up the VLC video player. You will need to expand this display to full screen.
  3. The downside of this method is that the transition from the OpenOffice display will be awkward and the video controls will remain on the screen. The alternative, described below, is to incorporate the video into an OpenOffice presentation.

Downloading YouTube videos

  1. If you have Windows 10 at home, there is a free app in the Windows Store that you can install called “Downloader for YouTube by OneClick”. This software will usually, although not always, download a YouTube video into an MP4 file. For other operating system versions there are other downloader programs available that work with mixed success.
  2. Copy the URL of the desired video into the Downloader app. It will usually give you a choice of resolutions. Choose 720 or 480 if available. The video will be downloaded into a sub-folder in your computer’s Videos folder called “OneClick Videos.”

Editing videos

If the video needs trimming (eliminating undesired sections, for instance), you will need some type of video editing software. There is a free Windows 10 app in the Microsoft Store called Video Editor with some limited functions for trimming videos.