Using the church computer, projector, CD and DVD players

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Creating and displaying videos


Using the computer

  • First turn on the white power strip located behind the right top of the computer. This strip powers the computer, the projector control, the Wi-fi, and the CD and DVD players.
  • Turn on the computer using the on/off button on the front of the computer box to the right of the screen (see above). The password for the computer is 33rdste  (33rd street east)
  • The computer is not hooked up to the internet, although while the power strip is on, there is an open WI-fi connection that you can use for your phone or laptop.
  • The easiest way to transfer files between your computer and the church computer is a USB memory stick. Insert your USB memory stick into either of the computer’s two USB ports on the front panel (see above). The File Manager should display the contents of your stick, and then you can drag any files to the desktop, or even just run your presentation from the stick file list.
  • To bring up the OpenOffice program, just double-click on a .ppt or .odp filename or icon. Select the “Slide Show” option from the top menu (or press F5) and use the right and left arrow keys on the lower-right of the keyboard to move back and forth between slides.
  • When the slide show is running you can quickly go to any slide by just typing in its sequence number and pressing ENTER. For instance, to go back to the first slide, type 1 and press ENTER.
  • Any sound from the computer is stereo output going to channels 23 and 24 on the sound board. Set the sound level appropriately and press the 23 & 24 mute buttons until you are ready to play anything from the computer.
  • To turn off the computer, move the mouse to the bottom left of the screen to bring up the display of the icon for powering down the computer.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the screen projector (see below) and turn off the power to the white power strip.

Using the screen projector

Projector remote

  • To turn the screen projector on point the remote at the projector control box (top picture) and press the red On/Off button on the remote. The projector will take a couple of minutes to warm up, and then the contents of the computer screen should be displayed.
  • The “No Show” button shown above will toggle the screen display on and off without turning off the projector. This option can be used when you need to switch programs on the screen but do not want this change displayed.
  • To turn off the projector, point the remote to the projector control box and press the On/Off button ONCE. A Y/N confirmation message should be displayed on the projection screen (but not the computer). Press the On/Off button AGAIN. The projector will then turn off. It is very important that the projector be turned off correctly and completely.

CD player

  • Make sure the power strip on the right of the computer is turned on. Then make sure the Power button on the CD player (shown above) above is on.
  • Use the Tray Open button to insert a CD.
  • Use the Skip Back and Forward buttons to get to the beginning of the Track Number desired.
  • Press Play to play the track. The sound from the CD player is controlled by one stereo slider on the sound board labeled 25/26. Set the sound level appropriately and press the 25/26 mute button until you are ready to play anything from the CD player.

DVD player

DVD player

  • Use the Magnavox DVD player, which is the one to the left of the CD player. The LCD screen on the desk below this unit will display the DVD image. Press the power button on the screen to turn this on.
  • Use the Power button to turn on the player, and use Open/Close buttons to insert the DVD. Press the Open/Close button again to close the tray, and the DVD image should display on the screen.
  • Using the projector control shown above, use the green Video button at the top of the control to switch to the DVD on the rostrum screen.
  • The sound from the DVD player is controlled by one stereo slider on the sound board labeled 27/28. Set the sound level appropriately and press the 27/28 mute button until you are ready to play anything from the DVD player. Use the Play, Stop, Prev and Next buttons to get the DVD to its desired location.