Setting up a wireless microphone

  1. The best wireless microphones are found in the third drawer from the left. One has a blue tip and one has an orange tip.
  2. Screw off the bottom end and insert two AA batteries, one flipped each way. The batteries are in a charger under the desk just inside the sound room door. Screw the cap back on and press the ON button on the front of the mic.
  3. Two of the sound system sliders have blue tape labels, one labelled “Blue” and the other “Orange,” one for each microphone. Move the appropriate slider up about 2/3rds and test the microphone’s volume level. Set the slider appropriately, then press the MUTE button at the top end of the slider to silence the microphone until it is needed.
  4. Two of the microphone stands have flexible goosenecks and spring-loaded microphone holders that work well for these mics.
  5. When done, hold the ON button to turn the mic off, then remove the batteries and put them back in the charger.