New Hearing Assist System

The church has installed a new hearing assist system that provides excellent quality sound support with several different options depending on your needs. You can pick up a small receiver from the sound room that looks like this:

You control the volume with buttons on the front. Depending on your circumstances, you have several options for using this device:

  1. This over-the-ear speaker may be best if you are wearing hearing aids.

Ear speaker

  1. If your hearing aids have “induction loop” or “Telecoil” capability, you can just wear the receiver on this lanyard and your hearing aids will pick up the sound directly. You may need to check with your audiologist to see if you have this capability.


  1. We have disposable earbuds available similar to what the airlines give away, which go inside your ears. You can take this these home with you and bring them back, or get fresh ones each week. We will throw away used earbuds for sanitary reasons.
  1. You can bring your own earbuds or headset if it uses a normal 1/8″ mini-plug. iPhone earbuds do not work unless you have a plug adapter, and Bluetooth is not used as because has a delay.

1/8" mini-plug

Note that each receiver has two earphone outputs, so you can share one receiver with a companion.