June 7, 2020

Bradenton-Sarasota Congregation
June 7, 2020 Online Service
Sacredness of Creation

Call to Worship

The first verse of a song by John Michael and Terry Talbot reads:

“An empty canvas waits before the Painter
It waits to be the painting it must be
Unto this end it’s rightfully been created
To reflect rightfully what the Painter sees.”

As you think of the Lord as the original Painter of all things, invite Him to be the Painter of your life as you prepare to worship.

Invocation – adapted from Psalm 104

“Oh, Lord, how many are thy works!
In wisdom thou hast made them all.
The earth is full of thy possessions.
There is the sea, great and broad
In which are swarms without number.
Animals, both great and small,
Oh Lord, Thou hast made them all.”
– Amy Grant

Prayer for Peace – As we pray for peace for a troubled world in need of a Savior, listen to the Gospel Touch choir sing Khumbaya.

Morning Message by Elder Charyn Walker

Can you hear Him? Can you hear God calling? We are being called to come together to worship and to lift each other in prayer. God is freely offering His strength and His love so that we can have peace in a world that knows no peace. He is reminding us of the gift of His son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Nanette’s message last week shared the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the disciples. As written in Doctrine & Covenants Section 161, and with that same Holy Spirit, we are called to “lift up our eyes and fix them on the place beyond the horizon to which we are sent. Journey in trust, assured that the great and marvelous work is for this time and for all time.”

Before I go further, let us congratulate all graduates within our church family and across the country. You are all in our prayers and will continue to be as you travel down life’s road. May God be with you in the twists and turns that you cannot anticipate. When they come, you will have to decide how to handle them. Remember that you do not have to handle them alone.

Worship during a time that requires quarantine and social distancing has been a twist and turn. We continue to meet together by Zoom on Sunday mornings at 10:00 called “2gether is Better”. You can join us by opening the link in an email that’s sent to the congregation each week or by calling the phone number shown in that email. It may be a while before we have opportunity to meet again in person and our church family is looking forward to seeing and/or hearing from each of you during our zoom time of “caring and sharing”.

This is Communion Sunday. As we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross, we ask for forgiveness of our sins and renew our commitment to follow Him. A list is shown on our website at cofchristbradenton.org regarding worship services available. If you are joining a service that includes communion, have something that symbolizes the bread and wine so you can take part in that sacrament.

A quote from Max Lucado: “Heaven has scheduled a graduation. Sin will no longer be at war with our flesh. Eyes won’t lust, thoughts won’t wander, hands won’t steal, our minds won’t judge, appetites won’t rage, and our tongues won’t lie. We will be brand-new.”

Until then, God is not done with us yet. He is very much aware of our circumstances. We will continue to witness of our risen savior Jesus and our hope comes from the Lord.

Charyn Walker, Pastor

Invitation to communion

The Orlando Congregation invites the Bradenton Congregation this week to join their special online communion service with Apostle David Nii. You can join the service from 10:45 am, and the service will start at 11.00. Participants should have their bread and juice prepared and ready for sharing the sacrament. For information on how to view this service, click here.

Disciples Generous Response

Put your offering aside and bring it with you when we meet again, or mail it to Dick Kramer, or click here to use eTithing.

Pause for a moment to use this time to express gratitude for God’s many gifts in your life and to reflect on how we respond faithfully to those blessings. When we understand God’s love and grace are given freely to us, we respond out of gratitude and are liberated to share freely in return.

Closing meditation – adapted from Psalm 62

Only in God is my soul at rest
In Him comes my salvation
He only is my Rock
My strength and my salvation
My stronghold my savior
I shall not be afraid at all
My stronghold my savior
I shall not be moved.
– John Michael Talbot, Little Portion

This service was prepared by Sherry Lindgren and Charyn Walker.