Dare to Prepare

Dare to Prepare December 4, 2022

This week’s Communion and Advent theme is “Filled With Hope”.

The scripture comes from Romans. The Apostle Paul expresses two themes in this passage: hope and harmony, two concepts well-connected with the Advent season. Romans 15:4-13 can be found here.

Central Ideas and Questions to Consider adapted from the CofChrist World Church Resources:

Central Ideas

  1. Paul speaks about hope and harmony.
  2. Hope comes from God through the Holy Spirit and is strengthened when we see the promises of scripture fulfilled.
  3. One such fulfilled scripture promise is the birth of Jesus.
  4. Harmony occurs through accepting others and extending God’s love and mercy to all in response to what God first gives us.

Questions to Consider

  1. How have you experienced hope as a gift of the Holy Spirit?
  2. How does hope in God’s vision of shalom provide strength and perseverance when we experience difficult times individually or collectively?
  3. How might the concepts of hope and harmony be connected to the Advent season?
  4. How does hope motivate people to work individually and collectively towards greater harmony in their congregation and community?
  5. What tangible actions can individuals and congregations take to strengthen hope and pursue greater harmony in the congregation and community?

Please pray for presider of your service, your speaker and all others who will participate this week.

Thank you all for indulging me this holiday season. If it seems like I’m reminiscing about a time when Rick and I were able to use our talents and let the music flow freely, it’s because I am.  This song is from our Christmas album and it’s not one I would have chosen to include. Now I’m so glad we did. Rick’s guitar is gorgeous and the words become more and more hopeful throughout the song.  It’s audio only again this week, so close your eyes and meditate on the “Christmas Bells“.

“Christmas Bells” Sung by Sherry Lindgren, Rick Lindgren on the guitar.

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