Dare to Prepare

Dare to Prepare October 1, 2023 

The Community of Christ World Church theme for this communion Sunday is “God is at Work”

The main scripture for this week comes from Philippians 2:1-13 and can be found here.

Today’s passage ends with Paul’s directive to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”  He was not suggesting the Philippians could save themselves, but rather assuring them they had the strength and experience to live Christ-like lives without relying on Paul.  Whether Paul lived or died, visited them, or was martyred, they could carry on.  God was with them, working God’s salvation within their hearts.

Central Ideas

  1. Paul upholds both the importance of living in Christ and the courage to face persecution because of our commitment to Christ.
  2. Like the ancient hymn, Community of Christ affirms that Jesus Christ was both fully divine and fully human.
  3. We are called to put the welfare of others before our own.
  4. The early church was comforted by the vision of a day when all people would recognize Jesus Christ as Lord.

Questions to Ponder

  1. When have you tried to increase your importance, status, or authority? What was the result in the lives of others? In your life?
  2. Is taking on the mind of Christ something we achieve on our own, or something God does within us? What prompts you to answer as you do?
  3. Who or what has captured your primary loyalty?  How do your lifestyle, economics, recreation, and service bear this out?  What conflicting priorities do you confront?
  4. What would the world be like if everyone recognized Jesus as Lord?  What would we gain?  What might be lost?


God of hope and peace, you are with us in all our days and in all our ways. As you walked with the Israelites in the desert, when they had given up hope, you came to them with nourishment and your steadfast love. As Jesus walked through Jerusalem, healing the sick and those afflicted, your love was made abundantly clear through acts of love and mercy. Be with us as we gather to hear your word. Inspire and encourage us in all that we do, that we may serve you faithfully, bringing hope and your message of love to your thirsting world. In Jesus’ name, we pray. AMEN. (adapted from ministrymatters.com)

Words of Assurance

Hear the good news, friends! While we wandered in fear, God was with us, offering us hope and courage. God is with you this day, this very minute, lifting you from despair to hope. This is the good news! God is always with us. (adapted from ministrymatters.com)

Prayer for Communion

Lord, communion reminds us of being members of a global community. We feast at your table. As you nourish us, may we go into your world to bring a feast of peace and hope to others, listening with loving ears and acting with loving hearts, in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. AMEN. (adapted from ministrymatters.com)

Please pray for the presider, speaker and other participants wherever you choose to worship this Sunday.

Another familiar hymn this week to listen to in a new way after reading the passage from Paul’s letter to the Philippians. I discovered this group this week through social media. They are the choir and orchestra from a Christian high school (Fountainview Academy) in British Columbia.

I know how much all of us miss having young people in our congregation regularly, but this group should give you hope that there are young people still very much interested in Christianity and faith and even the old hymns presented as new.

Fountainview Academy’s  version of “What A Friend We Have in Jesus”

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